Its silence means your serenity.

 It seems like a dream but FimaSilence® actually exists! The first shutter in the world designed to reduce noise and vibrations up to 80%.

FimaSilence® was designed to give you the peace and serenity to live in your home without producing noise pollution that could disturb the tranquility and sleep of your neighbours.

The silent shutter comes from our clients’ stories.

We listened and we addressed a big need: to improve shutter quality, starting from the noise level.
At C.S. FIMA, we are well aware of how uneasy you can feel opening shutters late at night or at the
crack of dawn, when most people are still asleep.

That’s why we designed a revolutionary and certified system that will change your life and the lives
of those around you.

What makes it silent?

Two steel strips are mated together using a double sided adhesive polymer that dampens the sound.
A much better system than the traditional rolling shutters which rely solely on gaskets.

Discover the difference between FimaSilence® and traditional shutters

We’ve tested and compared them for you

Why choose an innovative rolling shutter like FimaSilence®?

  • Reduces ambient noise up to 80%
  • Resistant to oven painting processes up to 200°
  • No regular maintenance required
  • Maintains silence over time
  • Preserves a traditional aesthetic
  • Comes in customizable colors
  • You can upgrade your existing shutter and simply substitute the cloth
  • Equip yourself with patented technology

Discover what others who have chosen FimaSilence® have to say.

Whether you live in a historical center, an apartment building or a single-family home, now you know how to eliminate the noise and vibrations of traditional shutters!

We can consult with you and provide you with a free estimate. We’ll contact you to provide you all the information you need. You can also call us on our toll-free number from anywhere in Italy.

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